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The key to creating a space you love lies in the story. So, let’s Start with Stories.

I would have never imagined such an immediate change in the atmosphere of our home . . .
— Richele
I live in the beautiful countryside of Montana in a house that was built in the ‘20’s. It’s an 890 sf house heated with wood and I love it. My family has grown to 4 people and 2 home run businesses and although the demands on the space have expanded greatly I remain firmly dedicated to simplicity and functionality. On this quest to make the space work for all involved, i.e. 2 busy kids, 2 adults, and 2 flourishing businesses, I was fortunate to find Jillian Souza. As she entered my “personal” space I only felt cared for and was surprised the entire time she just listened and remained positive. The well thought out suggestions that she followed up with were life altering for me and my family. She was able to help me have a perspective of abundance and not scarcity when it comes to space. Her ideas for better flow while addressing everyones needs was life altering. I have put her suggestions to work and we are so much better for it. Thank you Jillian!!
— Faith

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