Architects design buildings and protect people

In addition to determining the aesthetic appearance of a building an architect also meets the needs of the client along with budget, safety, and function requirements. Architects are licensed by state and that licensure centers around protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public; that’s no small matter.

So while, yes, architects are a creative bunch and love elegant, beautiful solutions they are bound to protect your wellbeing over their design sensibilities.

Architects work in phases

Architects have technical names for these phases but here’s what they’re about:


The early phases of the design process revolve around clarifying the dreams and needs the project must address and then illustrating those concepts through a variety of media including schematic design drawings. The less glamorous side of these early phases involve defining the legal and safety requirements for the project.  


The middle and late phases of the design process develop those initial drawings further and further until they are suitable as construction drawings. This process includes all building systems and details. Each piece must support the whole.


Between design and construction an architect acts as ally and advocate. They can be your built-in support system when working your way through building departments, committees, necessary meetings, and the bidding and negotiation process.


It is typical for unforeseen circumstances to arise during construction. While an architect’s job during this phase is to oversee that the project is being built as designed, the architect is also available to offer clarity and is skilled in troubleshooting problems in a manner consistent with the design intent.

Architects allow for process

Wooly believes in Holding Space

The idea of holding space for someone is that one party provides safe emotional space for another while they are going through an intense time. Architects can naturally hold space for the design and construction process. We do.

Jillian has also trained as a birth doula and that training informs the level of service and support that Wooly offers. We provide unparalleled emotional space and support for the process.


To best serve you, Wooly offers 3 ways to work together.

each service includes time to do the heart-work. to create a unique space made just-for-you we must start with who you are.



Wondering if you can hire us to just talk about your project? Yes you can.

This is the best option if:

  • you’d like help finding the right property that suits your needs

  • you’d like to discuss ideas for a DIY project.

  • you’d like to discuss future possibilities.

  • you’d like help choosing fixtures, finishes, or furnishings.

  • and you don’t need any drawings.

Deliverables: Consulting is strictly conversational. The client is not provided with sketches, drawings, or 3D models.

Timeline: 2-6 meetings.

Availability: Available for residential and small businesses.

Fee: Hourly.

Schematic Design

Wondering if you can hire us to create an initial design concept but not take it further right now? Yes you can.

Schematic (initial) design falls under the “translate” phase described above.

This is the best option if:

  • you’d like more than consulting but aren’t ready to commit to full design services. A schematic design can always be developed at a later point.

  • you’d like to see something. Literally.

  • you’d like to take your dreams to the next step and clarify what you’re working towards.

  • you’re working closely with a design-build contractor but would like to provide them with a schematic design that addresses your emotional/ relational needs.

Deliverables: Schematic design deliverables are project specific. The client will receive a floor plan. They may also receive a code review, 3D model, or other materials based on the client’s need. Deliverables will be specified in the contract.

Timeline: 1-6 weeks based on client needs and project complexity.

Availability: Available for residential and small businesses.

Fee: Hourly. A retainer is required upon signing a contract.

Full Design Services

Wondering if you can hire us to design and guide the whole process from “I have a dream” through completion? Yes you can.

This is the best option if you’re looking to build a new house or undertake a large remodel and addition.

Full design services includes all the phases described above.

This is for you if:

  • you want the entire process to be as smooth as possible

  • you want a unique, custom project

  • you want consistent design intent and project management no matter what may arise

  • you want to ensure the project turns out the way you want

  • you want high-level support and service

Deliverables: Construction document set used for permitting, bidding, and construction. 3D model updated throughout the design process.

Timeline: 12-52+ weeks for design services based on client needs and project complexity. Construction timeline tbd.

Availability: Full design services are available for residential, small businesses, and community development projects.

Fee: Hourly or as a flat fee due in specified installments depending on the project type. A retainer is required upon signing a contract.


Want to talk about your project?

Just send Jillian an email to get started.