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Yay! You’re on this page because you’re ready to create the home you long for and that is worth celebrating!

This questionnaire walks you through the first step in creating that home — getting honest about who you are and what you want and need.

We can only create architecture that’s felt if we get honest about who we are, what we value, what we hope for, dream, and need.

By doing the heart work up front we can create a home that truly serves each individual and the family unit. 

These will not all be easy questions to answer but the more honest and thorough you can be now the smoother the process will be. Promise.

This questionnaire offers you several benefits: 

  • it saves you time and money. With this in hand we don’t have to spend our first meeting (or months) dancing around these bigger questions. 

  • allows our meetings to be more productive and focused. 

  • creates a smoother design process because knowing these answers minimizes frustrations and mis-communication.

  • you get to try on Wooly’s style from the comfort of your own home. 

  • there’s no commitment or stressful conversation.  As you answer these questions you’ll be able to assess if you’re ready to move forward.

Only Part 1 is required but the more you can answer, or reflect on, the questions in Part 2 the smoother the process will be.

Let’s get started!

*Privacy: your answers are strictly confidential.

*Please note: your email address is the first blank in both sections on purpose. This allows for life to happen — a kid can interrupt you, a friend can call, you can take a tea break — and you won’t lose the whole questionnaire. Losing things is frustrating and we’re trying to simplify things here. By submitting your email with each form, Jillian can piece your questionnaire back together if sections are submitted hours apart.

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Name *
Wooly services *
Please mark the service you're considering. (See our services page for descriptions.)
(Total budget includes design fees, construction, fixtures, furnishings, etc.)
What do you hope to accomplish with this project?
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(Active, intellectual, artistic, etc.)
What does your family value? Are there specific beliefs that impact the way you live? What is the relationship of this home to your greater life goals? Are there dreams that you plan or hope to accomplish while living here?
Please elaborate and describe the situation(s). 
Are there hobbies that require space for storage or active use?
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Congratulations for making it to the end!

Jillian will reach out within 48 hours to discuss the next step.