We believe your space can know you and intuitively support your deepest desires.

Wooly’s tagline is Architecture That’s Felt

. . . because every design is a built expression of the goals, hopes, dreams, and future of those who will inhabit the space (you and yours.)

We value storytelling, honesty, holistic health, and freedom.

Our unique design process

allows time for you to explore how your values, beliefs, and dreams impact your project from day 1. Your answers to these bigger life questions inform the process and shape the design.

the result is a physical place that intuitively supports you mentally, emotionally, and relationally.

On the quest to make our 890 square foot house work for all involved, i.e. 2 busy kids, 2 adults, and 2 flourishing businesses, I was fortunate to find Jillian Souza. She was able to help me have a perspective of abundance and not scarcity when it comes to space. Her ideas for better flow while addressing everyones needs was life altering. I have put her suggestions to work and we are so much better for it. Thank you Jillian!!
— Faith


Jillian Souza, AIA, NCARB, Principal

Jillian Wooly.JPG

Jillian brings 10+ years experience designing and managing a wide range of projects to Wooly Architecture. The root idea behind Wooly began when she was a child though as she would sit on her bedroom floor, the room a soft yellow from the lamp on her art table, daydreaming. There she would envision creating safe spaces where people could rest. Over the years this grew into a desire to create meaningful community spaces and then eventually into a passion for homes.

Originally from Tennessee, where Jillian received a Bachelors of Architecture from UT Knoxville, she has made her home in Livingston, Montana with her husband and children. She holds a Montana license and is thankful daily to live in big sky country.

Because creating safe spaces is integral to who she is, you can also find Jillian at therelentlesscreative.com offering honesty coaching and at atableforgrief.com offering resources and support for grieving mothers.

Jillian respectfully listened to my hopes for my home and my life within it, visually translated these ideas, and reassuringly assisted in the coordination and ongoing conversations with contractors and sub-contractors to get the job executed properly and professionally.
— Kory